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Talking doorbells? The future of home inspections?

Talking doorbells? The future of home inspections?

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Could We Be Inspecting Talking Doorbells In Connecticut And Beyond One Day?

There’s no telling what future generations of home inspectors will need to inspect (or how they will do it). For instance, I had a friend send me this article about a doorbell that will send door video to your phone if someone rings the bell. You can even talk back to them thru the bell via your phone! From the article:

“If you are expecting a package but out at the store, don’t you wish you could remotely tell the UPS guy to leave it on the front step?Believe it or not, there are Wi-Fi enabled doorbells that let you stream live video of who’s at your door and let you chat with them in real time via an app, even when you’re not home. Similar to previous models (at $199), it gets mounted outside your front door where your typical doorbell would reside (it attaches to the top of your existing one) and has a camera on the front.”

As I said, there’s no telling what inspectors will have to inspect in the homes of the future. Feel free to share with clients if you think they might be interested in something like this. Who knows, it might even make a good housewarming gift for certain types of clients.


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