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Are You Selling Your Home?

If you are thinking of selling your home or have had it on the market for a lengthy period of time, you should consider a sellers or pre-listing inspection today.

A sellers inspection gives you a powerful marketing tool to set your home apart.  A sellers inspection informs you of anyhome_for_sale defects or problems with your home so that you can address them, if you choose to, before prospective buyers discover them.

You can list your home stating that it has been pre-inspected showing a prospective buyer that you are dealing in good faith. Deals are less likely to fall apart the way they sometimes do when a buyer’s inspection unexpectedly reveals problems at the last minute. This helps to avoid the dreaded 11th-hour negotiations and delays.

Even More Reasons

Seller’s inspections can help sell your home quicker and easier. They can even help you achieve a higher asking price since you can show a potential buyer the home is in great shape and ready to purchase without extra investment needed for unknown repairs.

I recently had two inspections that could have benefited from having their homes inspected before listing them. One home had a few simple problems that should have been taken care of before I found the problems. The home had a radon mitigation system that was not functioning  and also bacteria was found in the well water. The two problems delayed the sale which almost did not go through.

Another inspection had an in ground oil tank which the seller had refused to have removed until they had a buyer, also high levels of radon in the water were detected. Luckily my clients were willing to wait the additional time for the problems to be addressed and had the closing some three and a half months after the inspection.  The seller could not figure out why the house would not sell during the previous five months. If they invested in a pre-listing or sellers inspection, they would have been aware of these problems in advance to make the necessary repairs.

It’s not too late to have a sellers inspection aka pre-listing inspection. If your home has been on the market for any length of time allow me to inspect it for you. Call today and we can discuss your next steps to help you sell your home.

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I offer 10% discounts to service personnel in the military, law enforcement, and firefighters.

Below I have a few links posted by home inspectors, mortgage brokers, realtors and other professionals  that all have the same opinion on pre-listing inspections as I do. We have your best interest in mind and want your home to sell as quickly as possible.

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