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Inspect Before You Invest

First-timeBuying a home is one of the most important investments you will ever make. The process of buying a home is exciting; however it can be stressful and confusing, especially for the first time buyer. Don’t make the mistake of not investing in a home inspection. It’s a decision that could affect you financially and emotionally for years to come. Homeowners that have invested in a home inspection know the value of having one. On the other hand, the homeowner that did not invest in an inspection may run the risk of having major problems and additional unanticipated expenses. In retrospect, when making such a large purchase, the cost of a home inspection can be worth its weight in gold. Having a professional inspection will greatly reduce your risk and make the process of buying your dream home easier and less stressful.


Not Just an Inspection, An Education

You need as much information as possible on the home you are planning to buy, and a high quality, comprehensive, professional inspection offers just that. During the home inspection process, it brings me great satisfaction and enjoyment educating my clients.  From the ridge board to the main beam and everything in between, you will understand the inner workings of your new home. You will also receive a detailed narrative report. Based on a solid foundation of knowledge, you will feel confident in your purchasing decision.

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My home inspection evaluates home safety, health risks, fire hazards, structural deficiencies, and potential system failures. During the inspection, I will also point out maintenance issues and information to help protect your investment.

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